How Do You Solve a Problem Like Emily? by B

This season, Emily is living in California, tending bar at what we can only assume is a Sammy Hagar Bar & Grill (I refuse to believe she has actually sunk to the level of working at a Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville), and has bottles of prescription drugs and even needles! Her war hero father, her only truly stable parent, has died. For the first time since she came out in season one, she isn't shackled to a love interest and is suffering through God knows what on her own. Emily has had some lows but she may be at her lowest point yet! It is utterly tragic, yet, I could not care less. Emily is as boring and uninteresting as she has EVER been! 

For how come? This is easily Emily's juiciest season yet. There is more drama here in the first two episodes of 6B than in entire past seasons for her character. So, what's happening? Has the character of Emily just gotten such short shrift in past seasons that we have just written her off? She has been a factory of bad choices, so are we punishing her for that? Has the insane vocal minority known as Emison shippers' finally soured us on the Em half? Or does this heightened drama for Emily simply highlight how lacking Shay Mitchell's acting chops are? 

Sadly, it is probably an amalgam of all of these things. So, the question now is: How do we fix Emily? It ain't gonna be easy but here is my prescription. Get rid of Lone Wolf Emily. She is the weak link of the group so when she is off doing her own things she is especially weak. Whatever storyline she has this season that she is keeping from the other girls, wrap it up quick and ingratiate her back into the group. The other girls lift her up. Without them surrounding her, she is a human ambient noise machine  putting viewers right to sleep. She is a supporting character. Let her support the other girls. Give her a stable relationship after once and for all ending any possibility of Emison which is the most poisonous relationship on this entire show, and that is saying something! Realize Shay's acting limits and work within them. Again, Em is a strong character when she is lifting up others. When she is on her own, I am checking Twitter on my phone until I hear LITERALLY any other character's voice. When the other girls are having problems, Em should be their go to. 

Oh, and don't let her do the shush in the opening. She's somehow terrible at it. How is someone terrible at shushing? I don't know, but she is. Really terrible.