Hi guys! 

We would never ask you for money, you know that. We love doing this podcast and will keep doing it for free because we love it. However, the simple fact is that podcasts cost money from the podcast hosting fees to guest accommodations to the website hosting fees to M's spiraling prescription pill habit. So, while we would never shill for money, if you enjoy the show (and that is enough, trust us) and you still want to donate a couple ducats to the cause we would be eternally grateful. 

Maybe you're saying to yourself, I'd like to support the show but want a flask with the Pretty Little Podcasters logo on it and a thong with the Murder, We Spoke logo on it! Well, problem solved! Head on over to the Pretty Little Podcasters Shop to see all of our merch which is all pretty cool PLUS it helps keep the lights on in "The Dollhouse." Oh, did I forget to mention we are calling our podcast HQ "The Dollhouse" now?