Pretty Little Podcasters

Pretty Little Podcasters is a podcast that breaks down each new episode of our favorite guilty pleasure and yours, Pretty Little Liars. We cover every gasp-worthy twist, every head-turning fashion and, let's face it, every gaping plot hole. But make no mistake, what we do we do from love. 

Our origin story is not unlike that of any great super team be it The Avengers, The Justice League or The Rockers Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Essentially, we would waste a fantastically unprofessional amount of time at work talking PLL. In our infinite egomania, we decided to just tape those conversations. And Pretty Little Podcasters was born! Sometimes we are even lucky enough to get a super special guest to sit in and watch an episode with us. Surprisingly, it is often their very first episode of PLL. We're spreading the good word and basically doing the lord's work. 

Melissa (aka M) 

PLP Misc 16.jpg

She is totally a Spencer. The brains of the operation with looks to match. She recently graduated from Los Angeles' premiere university with some fanciful graduate degree. Melissa has been training her whole life for this podcast even majoring in something performing artsy as an undergrad. It was in Ohio but that still totally counts, you guys. She even married an up and coming director so she would have quick and easy access to all the equipment needed to host a podcast. This proves she is a forward thinker with the ability to problem solve. Oh, and she dated her teacher and someone tried to murder her and her three friends when she was in high school. But like PLL he was a terrible murderer and they are all still fine. 


Ben (aka B)

PLP Misc 17.jpg

He is totally a Hanna. Basically he is chock full of potential but is too pretty to really care about it. He is eminently qualified to review shows from the moving picture box. A lifelong layabout, he has consumed entire seasons of television in single sittings. He has even taken actual college-level courses that taught him how to critique the performing arts. Most notably, Ben interned for the best (non-PLL related) podcast going today, Comedy Film Nerds. So, basically, he knows people who know people. He even got to interview the Comedy Film Nerds, Chris and Graham, on their own show. So intimidated by his talent, Chris and Graham never asked him to speak on the actual podcast ever again. But they do let him write film reviews on their site, So, that's pretty cool. 


Marissa (aka M)

She is totally our Mona. She's clever, sharp-witted with a piercing tongue and shows up when we need her most. Plus she can speak French (seriously) and the walls in her room are lined with super creepy French dolls. Marissa has the honor of being the only member of the Pretty Little Podcasters family young enough to tell people she watches PLL without being embarrassed about it. Don't let her youth fool you though because she is wise beyond her years. She even holds a degree from LA's premiere university. Honestly, she could probably even teach English in Rosewood. But if someone called her Newt three years ago she would absolutely put together an army to take that bitch down. She is also responsible for approximately 87% of our show's street cred. Her dad is very proud of her.